• Orange Chopper

    Custom Choppers Built to YOUR Specifications

    You provide the details and measurements and we'll build your custom frame or complete custom motorcycle.

  • Being Built


    Bring us your ideas and we'll show you how we could incorperate them into your chopper design.

  • Unique

    Unique Designs

    Stand out from the crowd with one of our custom choppers.

  • Brown Living Room

    Our Services

    We aren't limited to just custom chopper building, we also offer custom built bobbers, trikes, powder coating, shot blasting, hydrographics and even MOT work.

Welcome to 247Choppers

We aim to build custom choppers and motorcycles with great care and effort put into the concept, design, modeling and creation.

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Our Mission

Our mission is to build custom motorcycles, custom choppers and custom frames to the specifications given to us by our clients, the best we can, with very few modifications along the way. Motorcycles bring out the creativity in people and it's our pride and joy to realise their dream motorcycle build.

What are you waiting for?

More than ever, custom motorcycles are a big part of us. We work together with our clients to make sure their custom chopper is built is exactly how they want it. They can visit and monitor our operation to ensure they're picking the right guys for the job. Contact Us for more information.

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